Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Vision Board

This is my first read of the year and as I am hoping to get through quite a few spiritual books this year I couldn't resist downloading this free book from Amazon UK.

I'm still not entirely sure who it is written by. The mysterious Author of the 'Love Your Life,' series is only briefly mentioned as somebody called Simone! It's ok. It's a brief introduction to the idea of using vision boards to manifest good things into your life. I personally like the idea of vision boards as I am a big believer in visualisation. However I prefer to use mental visualisation, rather than pinning an actual board on my bedroom wall. I still found this little book encouraging although it is littered with spelling and grammatical errors. Something hopefully the rather mysterious author will remedy at some point.

It is quite repetitive and most of what it contains can be found on any spiritual message board or website but it is ok. I'm glad I didn't pay for it but as it's free I can't really complain.